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Drunk Dubai expat’s loud music lands him in court

He behaved aggressively with on-duty police officers.


A British expatriate has stood trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance for assaulting police officers, who came to reprimand him about the blasting music from his flat that had been disturbing his neighbours.

The court heard that on June 22, the 41-year-old sales manager was under the influence of alcohol when he behaved aggressively with on-duty police officers.

The three officers were responding to a call from a neighbour complaining about the loud music coming from the defendant’s flat. A case was registered at the Bur Dubai police station.

He was charged with physically assaulting police officers, damaging public property, disturbing his neighbours, and consuming alcohol without a permit.

A policeman said they went to a tower in Business Bay after receiving a call from a resident.

“She complained that their neighbour on the upper floor had been causing nuisance for six months. She said he would always raise the music volume.”

“We went upstairs with the security guard. We could hear the loud music from the defendant’s flat. He opened the door, without a shirt on. We asked him to put on a shirt, bring his ID and walk with us downstairs.”

The officer recalled that as they were escorting the defendant down the building, they could tell he had been drinking alcohol. He looked drunk and was apparently nervous.

The policeman called the officer on duty as he saw that the defendant was about to start a fight.

“The accused grabbed my colleague by the neck. As I tried to take him away, he managed to damage the cop’s badge,” the officer told the prosecutor.

The defendant also ripped the cop’s uniform after grabbing it violently.

“He knocked me down and kicked my leg. Then, he fell down. We brought him under control and took him inside the patrol car.”

The court will pronounce a verdict on September 23.


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